K - 16 Liaison - Dr. Orlando Buria serves as the academic dean and STEM coordinator of West Seneca Christian School.  The school enrolls students from Western New York
and from various foreign countries.  He holds an A.S. degree in electrical engineering technology, a B.S. degree with three majors (math, physical science, and biology) and
two minors (English and Spanish). He has an M.S. degree in science education and an M.Min. degree in ministry. Dr. Buria has also earned both an Ed.S. and a Ph.D. in
educational administration. Dr. Buria has studied at 23 colleges and universities. He has taught high school classes for over 40 years, served as an assistant school
administrator for 5 years, and as the head administrator of a school for 16 years. During some of that time he also served as a college professor (25 years) and as a college
administrator (23 years).
While functioning as academic dean and STEM coordinator, he also teaches several classes including AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, and Physics.  This year, he added a class in Python & IoT. He conducted an annual summer STEM camp (pre-COVID) that emphasized coding and
engineering/scientific applications.  He plans to resume the camp in the summer of 2023. He has published articles in several publications through the years and has
conducted many professional development workshops in Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New York.  Dr. Buria is excited about the CSTA of Western New York and is thrilled to be associated with so many teachers who have such a passion for teaching computer science.